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The best adult games of January 2023

#1 Horny Nurses: Sexual Therapy

Doctor's Orders Desktop Sex Game
Doctor's Orders Desktop Sex Game
Doctor's Orders Mobile Adult Game
Doctor's Orders Mobile Adult Game

The first game on our list is Horny Nurses: Sexual Therapy. This naughty game lets you explore a sexy story of naughty nurses and their naughty patients. It’s all about exploring your fantasies while satisfying your craving for the naughtiest of nurses. On this game, you will take care of all your patients’ sexual needs, from giving them naughty medications and performing naughty tests. As you progress through the levels, you will uncover new naughty tidbits about your naughty nurses and sexy patients. This is definitely the best adult game of 2023 and definitely worth your attention!

#2 Naughty & Wild Magic

The next entry on our list is Naughty & Wild Magic. This unique game puts you in the shoes of a naughty wizard or witch who must pick up special ingredients for your magical potions and spells. You will explore an enchanting world of sex and magic, full of secrets and erotic surprises waiting to be discovered. All the while, you’ll have to navigate tricky puzzles and other obstacles in your way.

#3 Boobie Beach Babes Adult Game

The third game on our list is Boobie Beach Babes. In this game, you’ll take control of a wild, partying beach babe on a mission to get as much sex and boobies as possible. Play as one of three sexy babes, each with their own unique look and special skills. Think you’ve got what it takes to satisfy your beach babe lover? Try this game to find out!

#4 Moaning at Midnight Hentai Game

The next entry on our list is Moaning at Midnight. This naughty nocturnal game lets you explore a dark and mysterious night of adventures. You will visit a world full of risky propositions, kinky encounters and erotic surprises. Soothe yourself with the moans of pleasure while conquering challenging levels of mind-blowing sex.

#5 Secret Sensual Reunion Sex Game

The last game on our list is Secret Sensual Reunion. This naughty escapade puts you in the shoes of a sexy MILF looking to reconnect with her married lover. Travel through a mysterious world of sensual surprises and rekindle your love. Go through levels full of thrilling encounters, kinky propositions and mind-blowing erotica. Rekindle the passion and explore a steamy secret world full of hottest MILFs.

So there you have it, the top 5 adult sex games for January 2023 that you can play on both your smartphone and PC. Get your game on and get ready to explore a world full of naughty nurses and sexy surprises. Now let the fun begin!

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